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Smarthostly Your Ultimate Event Partner for Movies, Events, Parties and More! Simplify ticketing and hosting with our smart solutions. From movie premieres to thrilling events and unforgettable parties, Smarthostly ensures seamless planning and execution for every occasion. Explore the madness of the Smarthostly by scrolling down


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Events and Festivals

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Conferences, Workshops and Training sessions

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Event Pages

From seamless theming options to convenient booking processes, provide a user-friendly experience. Simplify event management, ensure personalized branding, and enhance customer engagement for successful events


Admin Dashboard

Efficiently manage events, tickets, attendees, and sales. Real-time analytics, promotional tools, and customization options for seamless event organization. Streamline operations, enhance attendee experiences, and boost revenue


Payment Solutions

Conveniently choose from various payment methods, ensuring flexibility and ease of use. With secure and seamless transactions, attendees can confidently book tickets, making it the most cost-effective and user-friendly payment solution available


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Smarthostly is your event superpower!!

Pravin Karthick

Founder South Indian Movies in Sweden

“ Smarthostly's event ticketing and hosting system has been a game-changer for my business. With their exceptional services, managing and promoting our events has become a breeze. I highly recommend Smarthostly to anyone looking for a reliable and innovative solution for their event management needs.”